Featured Image for This is what the boy from the ‘Success Kid’ meme looks like now, all grown up

This is what the boy from the ‘Success Kid’ meme looks like now, all grown up

Meet the boy whose face launched a million memes. You all know ‘Success Kid’, that stoked little tike who just loves eating sand and has the little fist of righteous about him.

He’s been pretty much omnipresent on the Internet for the past seven years but he, just like other, mortal, non-meme people is not immune to the ravages of time.


Success Kid Grown Up

Success Kid, circa 2016. (Source: Supplied)

Sammy Griner is all grown up now – the toilet-training has worked, he’s harnessed the ability to walk upright, and that mouthful of sand has been replaced with a full set of shiny teeth.

He’s been a meme “as long as he can remember”, according to his mum Laney, after a photo she took of Sammy at the beach in 2007 went balls-to-the-wall viral.

The original photo, taken by Sammy's mother, Laney. (Image: Laney Griner)

The original photo, taken by Sammy’s mother, Laney. (Image: Laney Griner)

Success Kid Meme

It’s not the first we’ve seen of him since that photo, though.

When his dad, Justin, suffered a full kidney failure in 2009, Laney set up a crowd-funding page to urgently find a donor and raise money for his medical expenses.

When the Internet caught wind that he was the father of ‘Success Kid’, the fund-raising effort blew-up – raising over $130,000.

Success Kid's Dad

Sammy with his father, Justin, in hospital in 2009. (Image: Laney Griner)

Being a living, breathing meme must be weird, but it kinda saved his Dad’s life.

And pretty much everyone in the world with Internet access has seen your face, but none of them know who you are.

No doubt Sammy will get sick of it at some point – but it’s hard to deny that it has its perks.

‘Bad Luck Brian’ has graduated from college now and said he “loves being a meme” in a Reddit AMA.

He’s been to Google executive parties, met Seth Rogen, and goes around the country speaking on panels at pop culture conventions.

Bad Luck Brian

It’s all the benefits of being a child actor – without the customary complete mental breakdown and spiral into substance abuse at age 20.

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