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NRL player tried to charge his phone in a microwave and it blew up, obviously

Just because the Internet tells you to do something, it does not mean that you should do that thing.

Cronulla Sharks player Fa’amanu Brown has found this out the hard way.

Frankly, he has only himself to blame.

It all started when Brown was at teammate Valentine Holmes’ house.

There was only one charger lying around, and both of the NRL players needed to charge their phones, and check out more stuff on Instagram or what-have-you.

Being the enterprising young man that he is, the halfback consulted the ever-trustworthy Internet and its endless fountain of knowledge.

He happened upon a video that said if you put your phone in the microwave, it will charge. And how.

Miraculously, no alarm bells went off in his head, and he thought: “Yep, this is a good idea. This is the course of action I will take. Literally zero things could possibly go wrong.”

And so he put the phone in the microwave, and it blew up – because of course it did.

Because it is a phone. In a microwave.

Nu Brown's Facebook

Fa’amanu you seem like a really nice guy. You really do.

You were funny and humble enough to laugh at yourself and tell your friends about it on Facebook.

But, look, I’m just spit ballin’ here – but maybe if you’re going to willingly put your phone in a microwave, maybe you’re not ready to have a phone.

Maybe you should start off with something a little simpler.

Maybe something like this:

Toy phone

It wasn’t all bad for the 21-year-old, he got one over those nerds at Apple, and conned his way into a replacement phone.

“Nah i didn’t tell them i put it in the microwave, i just showed them that it had no service,” he said.

Given he’s a rookie still making his way through the ranks, and probably not quite earning the $1.5 million a year the highest paid player, Cameron Smith, it’s a fair call to see what Apple might say.

We hope they don’t find out.

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