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Caffeinated toothpaste works scarily well and will make mornings not suck

It’s an idea so simple, it’s hard to believe no one’s thought of it before – caffeinated toothpaste.

Mornings are the worst (unless you’re one of those insufferable people with a genetic predisposition to them), yet among the billions of people on the planet we haven’t been able to figure out how to make them not-terrible.

Eating healthy and get a good night’s rest? Yeah. Like I’m gonna do that.

Red Bull in the morning is socially unacceptable, and coffee is alright but it still involves leaving the house looking and feeling like something straight out of The Walking Dead, and having to negotiate the treacherous landmine of personal interaction.

But people, we may have found our answer.

A startup in Brooklyn, New York, have invented Power Energy Toothpaste – it’s like regular toothpaste but with a whole bunch of caffeine stuffed in it.

Not only is it more convenient than buying or making coffee, it also works a helluva lot quicker.

The peeps over at Vice gave it a whirl and found that, as advertised, it absorbs into your body a lot faster than coffee – one staffer even getting to the jittery stage after just ten minutes.

The downside of this is that the caffeine hit doesn’t last as long, but hits harder much earlier.

So for those that need a jolt to the system to get them going in the morning, this, as ridiculous as it may sound, may be a genuine solution.

Power Toothpaste

Over at their Indiegogo page, you can purchase two tubes (90 uses each) for $US25, or many more for $US999 if you’re a business keen to get this on your shelves.

While I’m not completely sold it’s “coffee without the crash”, it seems to deliver on its promise to essentially mainline caffeine into your system – with immediate results.

Plus, you might actually look forward to brushing your teeth for once. But pro-tip: make sure you use your regular one before bed if you want to get some shut-eye.

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