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New Monopoly upsets everyone with paperless version

Monopoly or ‘that game that made you choke your little brother that one time’, is about to undergo a very big change.

Hasbro announced that for the first time in their history, the game is going completely paperless.

The Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition will replace its iconic notes (which if I’m not mistaken, Australia’s notes were modelled on) with credit cards and a swipeable, battery-powered ATM.

In fact, pretty much anything that came from a tree is gone – buying property, paying rent and chance cards will also become scannable as well.

This is terrible news for dirty, rotten, cheating types like me, who keep a secret stash of stolen money that we nicked when someone foolishly went to the bathroom.

It is, however, great news for honest players, who are sick and tired of getting routinely screwed over by jerks.

The cashless Monopoly universe is also expected to speed up the game considerably – taking away all the time spent crunching numbers and counting out the money switching hands.

This isn’t the first iteration of the game without paper money – Monopoly Banking Edition had a crack, but because you had to punch in the numbers manually it didn’t actually end up being much faster at all.

On top of that, there’s a new curveball to make things a bit more exciting. A new Chance card called ‘Life Events’ will wreak havoc across the board (game) – causing rent prices to fluctuate and a host of other random financial changes.

This revamp will be the fastest and most unpredictable version yet.

It will be available in the US sometime around September for about $25 ($AUD35) and should be released in Australia soon after.

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