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Would you reveal your web history to the world?

Be honest, you’d panic if someone scoured your internet history, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t even wanted loved ones – heck, particularly not loved ones – to see what you’ve been up to online.

Yet, somehow, there are some digital sadists out there who are happy to display their browsing activity to the whole world, via website ShowAllHistory, albeit while keeping their identity anonymous.

To be fair, the concept behind this website is not to reveal our sordid behaviour online, but to tell human stories by submitting intriguing sections of your internet history

On the ShowAllHistory Facebook page the anonymous creator explains that the idea for the website came from a piece of fiction they had written in 2013, called ‘Show All History’, which looked at the way browsing records illuminate us about an individual.

Aside from exposing our carnal desires, our internet histories also reveal a lot about our personalities and our focuses.

Anyone who looked at my browsing record would be shocked at how much time I spend on websites likes Skyscanner searching for flight prices to far-flung locations. It’s a reflection of the fact that I’m constantly planning of being somewhere else, concocting a new adventure in my mind, even if it’s one which may never take place. It’s escapism, which is the key benefit of the internet for many people, as some of the content on ShowAllHistory highlights.

An anonymous user from Mableton in the US state of Georgia submitted their history, which was a classic example of using the internet as a welcome distraction. Their searches included “milk and honey”, “for all things creepy”, and “what was better back in your day”.

For other people, though, the internet is a tool to address problems or obstacles in their life. There’s the 25-year-old from Framingham in the US state of Massachusetts whose internet history focused on “Single mum” websites and was littered with searches about “affordable daycare” and “financial assistance”.

ShowAllHistory has the potential to be a fascinating social experiment. Just make sure you submit clean browsing records – no one wants to see your filth.

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