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Walking and texting is dangerous – even for samurai warriors!

While we know it is dangerous to walk around with our eyes on our smartphones, sometimes we ‘forget’, and walk while texting. So a Japanese mobile carrier has created a video to remind us how dangerous it is to pay attention to your phone while walking – even if you are a samurai warrior!

‘Samurai smartphone parade’ – a short, black-and-white parody unveiled by NTT Docomo Inc – aims to warn us of the accidents that can occur while walking with our faces glued to a smartphone.

Set in the Edo period, the video sees groups of smartphone-addicted samurai warriors left vulnerable by walking around with their eyes fixed to their smartphones. They bump into one another, fall into rivers, trip, are ambushed and even assassinated by their enemies while preoccupied with their phones.

The video also makes mention of the percentage of people who have suffered the same “smartphone accidents” as the samurai warriors.

This is hardly just a Japanese problem either, with research showing nine out of ten Australians under 30 are addicted to their smartphone, while one out of five checks their phone every ten minutes.

The addiction even has a clinical term, ‘Nomophobia‘.

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