Featured Image for Get relaxing massages whenever and wherever you want with the AiraWear jacket

Get relaxing massages whenever and wherever you want with the AiraWear jacket

Getting a massage as you walk around completing your daily tasks sounds just wonderful. A new hi-tech jacket promises to do just that.

Launched at this month’s CES Trade Show in Las Vegas, AiraWear is a “wearable pneumatic system” which creates pressure by using air in an inflatable frame.

Essentially it is a sleeveless massage vest which you can wear inside any garment.

Invented by Singapore startup TWare, the jacket offers two modes of massage, acupressure and body compression, which the company claims can offer a variety of benefits aside from the pleasure typically associated with massage.

TWare say AiraWear also performs the same function as posture correction braces for people with physical disabilities or who suffer from chronic back pain.

The jacket is activated by a button on its lapel and controlled via an app, which allows users to choose from various intensities of massage and which parts of the body they want to target. The app also gives you biodata feedback to help you understand your posture and how it can be corrected.

In a press release, TWare said the the jacket, which is lightweight and not cumbersome, is able to reduce stress and pain by “exerting massage pressure on targeted acupressure points on the back, relieving muscle tension and improving blood circulation”.

They also claim AiraWear can correct lower and upper back posture with its “wrap-around airbag system, straightening the whole spine”.

The body compression mode also simulates the feeling of being hugged, a technology which the company pioneered with their T.Jacket, a garment designed to help calm and soothe the nerves of children with autism.

TWare specialise in such wearable technology and the therapeutic benefits of massage and body compression. On their website they say their products have been sold in more than ten countries, and been endorsed by several clinics and doctors.

“Tware aims to develop intelligent wearables that not only understand the body using data collected from many sensors, but also actively affect the body through pressure technology, improving health and people’s lives,” their press release states.

TWare product manager Tan Jun Yuan said they believe AiraWear could not just treat back pain but also potentially prevent back problems from developing or worsening.

It will come on the market this year and is expected to cost about $US250.

Man wearing AiraWear jacket
Man wearing AiraWear jacket

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    Wednesday 2 March 2016

    This is what you call convenience! I really find this interesting. Very impressive. A massage that is portable and doesn’t require being inside a massage premise.