Featured Image for Bomb’d: The hottest new social media app that old people won’t understand and is made by Australians

Bomb’d: The hottest new social media app that old people won’t understand and is made by Australians

Bomb’d is just 10 days old and we’re told it’s the hottest new social media app on the market. It’s also something different – you request a ‘bomb’ from your friends, who then send an image back to you, rather than you sending something out to everyone.

The app, touted as reverse social media launched across Schoolies on the Gold Coast in the last weeks and is gathering momentum.

It’s a request-based system, which is quite different to how something like Snapchat, the closest app in the space, works.

In short, it works like this: A user requests a bomb from another user. The person that receives your bomb, and can decide to trigger it within an hour. Once triggered, a seven-second countdown takes place when on ‘1’ the camera on their phone captures the picture and blasts it back to the original requester. The bomb can be one on one, or sent to multiple people (your ‘squad’).

bombd app

That means, in theory, you only get what you want, rather than a feed of random images from those you follow.

In practice, we’re not sure how that will work, as you kinda have to bother someone to get something and it’s there’s no passive consumption angle.

The app is buggy out of the box on iOS, which probably means you’re just on the bleeding edge of something new and is part of the charm – maybe.

Here’s where it gets preeetttyyy sexualised though – check out the hype-video below. It’s full of hashtags and Obey clothing and good looking people and random swears and bitchyness.

That’s theoretically because it’s targeted at 14-25 year olds, and supposedly tackles the issue of fake setups and hours spent posing for the perfect shot. It’s RN AF. (Right now as f…! ). And real.

(The promo video you’ll either love or hate.)

But going further is that the Bomb’d people have hired a bunch of Instagram models and really, really good looking people and guys in bands to be added to your buddy list. Presumably, people will be able to bother them for a bomb for awhile.

They’re automatically added to your buddy list from the get-go so it’s not hard to hit them up. We received a bomb. It was ok.

Stepping back just a second, who are the Bomb’d people? The interesting factor is that it’s Australian-made, and apparently valued at $10 million prior to launch. PR confirmed this figure.

And here’s what the PR told us in addition: “The people behind this remain top secret. We can’t tell you their names, but there are a few key backers involved in Bomb’d along with some industry heavyweights.”

That’s unusually vague.

But with the challenge now set, it wasn’t hard to find Wee Keat Chin, the (gun) developer behind it committing to Github.

Looking through the commits, it’s clear a previous version was more about sharing with mates.

The previous meta description reads “Bomb your friends and find out what they’re doing right now!” – which is pretty safe and makes sense.

The current meta description reads: “Bomb’d is the REAL social network. It’s NO FILTER and RN AF. Your friends, your family, and even your favourite celebs are using Bomb’d to see what their Squad are really up to right NOW.”

That’s now something pretty edgy (and only readable if you’re under 25 or so).

Following Wee Keat Chin down the rabbit hole, I initially thought there was a chance one of the teams he works for, Oxygen Ventures, are behind the app in some way, given their MO.

But then we also dug up former Hills CEO Ted Pretty as an investor. That might mean it came out of the iAwards, in some way.

And then there was this from an unexpected angle:

Wade Boyes – ‘Actor, Model, Stuntman’. Well then. You’d probably have to say Mr Boyes is more on the talent management side, but PR aren’t saying anything more, so we’ll keep an eye on things for now.

» The Bomb’d app is available for download here.

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Comment (5)

    I met them :))

    Tuesday 1 December 2015

    I met the guys in Gold Coast @ Schoolies, they were patting at a club, they were really friendly. Such a cool idea!! Go Aussies!!!


    I know the founder

    Wednesday 2 December 2015

    I met the founder on the GC, she was a dj or something who created the app! Really cool crew and she was an awesome person 🙂



    Wednesday 2 December 2015

    This is a KILLA app … in the real sense of the word. You heard it here first … how long until some unfortunate person dies whilst trying to reply to a BOMB request whilst driving, being a passenger (distracting the intended driver) or other obvious scenario.



    Thursday 3 December 2015

    Lol Mr Wade Boyes is well outside their target demographic, exactly the age most attractive young women would be wary this app was attracting



    Thursday 3 December 2015

    The countdown goes forever, and when you bomb your friends at a party, everyone photobombs and you get all these people in the photo. funny or annoying! but my gf and her friends are addicted to it!