Featured Image for Australian photographer snaps weddings through the eyes of guests (and tells us how you can do it too)

Australian photographer snaps weddings through the eyes of guests (and tells us how you can do it too)

Photographer Peter Adams-Shawn of Memories of Tomorrow Photography has a novel take on wedding photography, showing off a clever composition from the eyes of wedding guests.

The stunning part of the photographs, straight from Adams-Shawn’s Canon 5D Mark III, is that the images are all single exposures, taken on the wedding day, and not put together in Photoshop – relying simply on light, bright eyes, and clever techniques.

The work is so good that there’s a small percentage of people who just don’t believe they’re real captures.

Techly spoke to Adams-Shawn about his work and asked him for a run-down of how you can do it yourself. He told us that the trick is to understand that eyeballs need to be considered as a “darkened, curved mirror”.

“In layman’s terms, each eye offers a consistent reflection. Therefore, the angle of reflection with regards to taking the shot is all important. The reflection on the eye surface is a little like a reflection onto dark sunglasses – the eyeball is a sort of darkened, curved mirror – it kills the light.

“That means the scene you are capturing needs to be a lot brighter than the subject, which is the hardest thing to compose.”

The bad news for us amateurs is that Adams-Shawn says you’ll really struggle to do this on your iPhone.

“I use a Canon 5D Mk III which offers the ability to focus – as you can imagine, if you or the subject move a fraction of a millimetre, the focus is lost.

“The other challenge is making sure you’re not in the shot – I find about half the time a portion of my right elbow can slip into the shot.

“One other secret – the best frames I’ve captured have had the subject smiling. This relaxes the shot, brings natural creases in the eyes, and even this close, you can tell the subject is smiling.”

Contact lenses are another trick that Adams-Shawn found by chance – see if you can spot the shot below where a bridesmaid is wearing contacts. The reflection becomes like glass, is how Peter described it!


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