Featured Image for Eclipse of Rainbow: The lamp that replicates the sky’s awesome light shows

Eclipse of Rainbow: The lamp that replicates the sky’s awesome light shows

Instead of slaving away at work each week, trying to earn that pot of gold, you could always just project a rainbow right into your lounge room. A cleverly designed lamp does just this, using the seven colours of the rainbow to bathe a space in a vibrant carpet of light.

Conceived of by Greek designer Eugenia Antoniou, the ‘Eclipse of Rainbow’ utilises LED lighting to recreate the dramatic look of not just a rainbow but another of nature’s wonders, the eclipse.

Seven LED bulbs are directed at different angles above a compact disc to create two effects – firstly a multi-coloured pattern on the ground, and secondly a white glow from the disc itself.

The design was meant to be a study of contrasts – between black and white, light and shadow, and multiple colours.

“[The] source of inspiration was nature, specifically the eclipse phenomenon and the analysis of light in the seven colours that the rainbow consists of,” reads the product description of the lamp.

“[That] was the main idea that spun the final design approach, resulting in a unique object employing the qualities of light to encompass elements of playfulness and aesthetic pleasure.

“The concept was practically conveyed by inserting a disc between the light source and the level of projection as it also happens with the eclipse phenomenon when a celestial body is interposed between another and the observer.”

The simple design has made a big impression in the design community, earning an honourable mention at the 2015 Red Dot Design Awards, a long-running competition run by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany.

Eclipse of Rainbow also was awarded first prize at the Ideas Design Competition the previous year.

If it ever hits the market and makes it to Australia, it would be worth projecting a rainbow into your home just to see if that is really where Leprechauns hide their treasure.

Eugenia Antoniou's Eclipse of Rainbow
Eugenia Antoniou's Eclipse of Rainbow
Eugenia Antoniou's Eclipse of Rainbow elements

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