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The Laser Razor: The awesome project Kickstarter took down (because it doesn’t exist)

After raising over $4 million on Kickstarter, the Skarp Laser Razor looked set to change the way we remove hair from our bodies. There was just one small issue with the project – the company don’t actually have a working model of the Laser Razor.

Skarp claim their razor “is powered by a small laser which cuts through hair for an incredibly close shave without irritating or damaging the skin”.

However, according to an email obtained by The Register, Kickstarter informed Skarp their project was being suspended because it was “in violation of our rule requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards”.

The below video shows a prototype of the razor in action, but to say it works is a stretch. It’s certainly not going to lead you to throw away your traditional Gillette.

It appears to awkwardly burn 10 hairs in 30 seconds. It’s connected via a giant power line with supplementary cable.

This, in no way, represented a product.

So what do you do when your project is suspended from Kickstarter? Put it on Indiegogo.

Skarp have taken their project to Kickstarter’s main competition, and in two days over $US250,000 has been pledged, with two early-bird options having already sold out.

If you believe money will help Skarp turn what is essentially just an idea into a functioning product, a pledge of $US189 (plus $10 shipping) will get you a razor.

There’s a huge range of concerns that are yet to be addressed. Now, don’t get us wrong – a laser razor sounds amazing. But the idea of shaving with a lightsaber is the realms of ‘what could possible go wrong?‘.

More practically, will a device like this be safe for someone’s eyes? And what about the power required? It looks the size of a normal shaver, but from what we know about light and power, it’ll almost certainly need to be plugged into the grid, or carry around a hefty battery – like as big as a car battery.

Now, the issue is – these guys might very well have some nice patents and technology. But asking consumers to support it years in advance, when it might very well or indeed very likely won’t even get close to fruition, screams to us of big, big warnings.

Lesson is – you could probably just get onboard with the Dollar Shave club. Because awesome viral videos are way better than lasers.

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