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Spread goodness and generosity around the world with this Random Act of Kindness Kit

Kindness and Co. have launched a Kickstarter campaign designed to spark a global flow of generosity, whereby you pay a little bit of goodness forward and make the word a better place, one random act of kindness at a time. 

The tangible element of the Kindness and Co. Kickstarter is the Random Act of Kindness Kit, which makes it a practically mindless effort for anyone to spend just a few moments doing something nice for someone else. The kit includes a hand-designed card, a blank envelope and a set of stickers.

Kindness-spreaders can personalise the card with a note, or just use the stickers to attach a bill in the currency of their choice. Once assembled, help the Random Act of Kindness package find its way into the hands of someone you know or a stranger.

The recipient is encouraged to start their own train of random kindness by using that cash to help others. Some suggestions for ways to spread the kindness are listed on the card, including buying lunch for someone in need, leaving a copy of your favourite book in public with a note for someone to find, handing out hot coffees on a cold day, or giving flowers to a stranger.

Backers who pledge $9 or more will receive a kit once the campaign is fully funded, and larger pledges earn the distribution of random acts of kindness on the backer’s behalf. If you’re in the market for some “major karma points”, Kindness and Co. can distribute kits to people who might need a pick-me-up.

Kindness and Co. hope that spreading the message of the power of kindness will encourage a long and powerful chain of people to pass that kindness (or a kindness kit or two) along to those around them.

Once the campaign concludes at the end of October, kits will be available for sale individually through Kindness and Co. Three more designs are also in the works, depending on the success of the campaign. The Kindness and Co. team are offering kits at a discounted price on Kickstarter to build momentum behind the movement.

Founder Jesse Weinberg says he was inspired by his grandfather, who “navigated his life with ultimate kindness”. With an intimate understanding of the impact of true kindness, Weinberg set out to spread the message globally.

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