Featured Image for A preschool was placed into a Seattle nursing home: The results were magical

A preschool was placed into a Seattle nursing home: The results were magical

When we’re at the beginning or end of our lives, we’ll need some kind of help, be it a preschool or a nursing home. A heart-warming trailer for the upcoming documentary Present Perfect shows what it’s like when the two combine.

In Seattle, Washington, is Providence Mount St. Vincent, which contains more than 400 elderly residents and the preschool The Intergenerational Learning Center.

Present Perfect by Evan Briggs aims to show the world how the young and the old interact.

A Kickstarter for the documentary wrapped up in July this year, meeting over its initial goal of $50,000 US and raised a total of $104,388 USD.

“I was curious to observe these two groups, occupying opposite ends of the life spectrum, to see firsthand what it meant for them to simply be present with each other,” the Kickstarter page reads.

“Over the course of the months I was filming at the Mount, I observed many incredible exchanges between residents and kids. Some were sweet, some awkward, some funny- all of them poignant and heartbreakingly real.”

“The kids and I are here and we invited you to come and celebrate happiness with us,” an unnamed woman in the trailer says. “There is only one time to be happy, and that time is now.”

“With the present as their only shared realm… [what] can the very young and the very old offer each other, if given the chance?” the trailer says.

If the trailer is only a slice of what the documentary offers, then Present Perfect will be a roller-coaster of emotions.

To keep updated on Present Perfect‘s progress, visit their website, or their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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