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Sanitise your filthy phone using this UV toaster

Germaphobes, there are 7000 types of bacteria living on your smartphone. Don’t panic, a new sanitising device has been created that works just like a toaster. Except, instead of toasting, the Green Toaster cleans your phone with ultraviolet light.

The Green Toaster was created for Korean e-commerce company Gmarket by ad agency Innored and UK design school Kinneir Dufort.

To use the Green Toaster, users activate the Gmarket app on their phone, place their mobile into a Green Toaster slot, then pull down the lever.

The toaster uses UV light to kill microorganisms living on your phone, and in a couple of minutes your clean phone pops up.

Craig Wightman, the lead designer of the Green Toaster, says that the device could be placed in cafes so people can sterilise their phones in a sociable setting. So while you’re waiting for your latte, your phone can get a good clean.

Green Toaster

“We needed a device that we could use in a cafe environment and came up with the idea of a toaster because everybody understands what it does,” he told The Mirror.

“The electronics system inside the toaster to achieve the UV sterilisation and light identification was also developed internally by Kinneir Dufort.

“The system uses a germicidal lamp which emits short wave ultraviolet radiation killing bacteria and other micro-organisms.”

Currently, Gmarket is trialling the Green Toaster to see if there’s enough interest to mass produce the device, so no word yet on when it will be launched in cafes – or if it will make its way to Australia.

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