Featured Image for Inhale your next vaccination through these candy-like magic mushrooms

Inhale your next vaccination through these candy-like magic mushrooms

Are you afraid of needles? No worries, Korean designer Céline Park is proposing to use fungi as a means of delivering vaccinations for patients who don’t want to take their shots.

Park’s project, ‘Fungus inhale vaccination’, is a tube-shaped inhaler, whereby the attenuated virus (a type of weakened virus that stimulates immunity) is infused in the fungus, allowing the patients to introduce it via the lungs, where it is absorbed into the body and becomes effective “through frequent use”.

Park has also created a lozenge using the fungus, so patients can digest the vaccine.

As for the fungi’s cool, psychedelic-candy look, Park intentionally gave them that appearance to encourage people to grow them at home, hoping “to break the negative associations to fungus”

She believes while we don’t understand it fully yet, fungi will play a large part in the medical industry’s future.

Vaccination lozenge
Fungus vaccination blooming tree
Fungus inhale vaccination

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