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Lenzcase: Aussie invention combines a spare pair of glasses with a smartphone cover

For those who need reading glasses, this innovation might just be a handy one – a phone cover that includes a spare pair of glasses.

Lenzcase, launched by South Australian husband and wife Steve and Cheryl Grealy, looks set to be a cheap and easy way to read the fine print for the long-sighted among us (ahem, often those who’ve had just a few more birthdays than others!)

The phone case contains a spring-loaded mechanism that can store specially made reading glasses, made to cut down to carrying around glasses in relation to other pocket essentials, including phones.

“The idea came to me when I was caught without my reading glasses, said Cheryl Grealy.

“It occurred to me that people always take their ‘phone but rarely bother with their reading glasses, hoping they won’t need them… but we are constantly caught out by small print”.

The actual case was designed by “Adelaide’s best industrial designers and engineers”, preferring Australian-based options as opposed to outsourcing overseas. “[We] have had first-class help from within our very own state,” Mr Gearly said in a media release.

Further, he said that there was a need for the Lenzcase, as “[globally] there have been over 100 million iPhone 6 units sold and… and 1 in 4 Australians need reading assistance”.

We had one of our older members of Techly trial the Lenzcase before the Kickstarter went live. Their thoughts? “[as] an older reviewer with very typical long-sighted vision, I found the Lenzcase cover very handy …almost a life-saver when you are struggling to read the fine print of a letter or even the newspaper”.

The Kickstarter has already amassed over $5,500 out of an initial goal of $28,000, with one month left. If successful, the Lenzcase will be expected to retail between $29 to $49, with reading glasses lenses available in +2, +2.5, +3, and +3.5 dioptre strengths.

If you would like to back this Kickstarter project, you can do so over at the Lenzcase Kickstarter here.

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