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Guy who’s travelled all 198 countries reveals his three essential simple things he never travels without

Gunnar Garfors knows travel. He’s been to all 198 countries around the world, and managed to do it all before the age of 40. It’s an incredible story, and he’s sharing his advice as to how you should travel.

Now, Garfors isn’t wasting your time telling you that you need your passport, the right clothes, money. You know all that.

Here’s the three items he suggests you carry around on you that you might not have actually considered worthwhile.

1. A Pen
It’s simply, but nearly every country will require you to do some kind of form. Your own reliable pen will help you get through the hoops to get into a country, and sort out things like hiring a car quickly. Instead of having to borrow a pen, you’ll have one and can keep moving.

Plus, it’s about to come in handy for another reason.

2. Notepad/notebook
The next item Garfors reckons you’ll need it a notepad or notebooks. Why? Drawing what you need circumvents any language barriers – a simple sketch speaks a universal language and you’ll be able to get help or seek directions or landmarks.

(This is obviously where the aforementioned pen comes in, too).

Garfors has seen it all and is pretty big on the fact that expensive gadgets aren’t a good idea when travelling to some countries, especially as you get towards more third-world environments where shiny devices indicates you have more money and you’ll be robbed either literally, or by services costing you a much higher price than a local.

3. Printed itinerary
The other still essential item is a printed itinerary, and not just of your flights and hotels but for all your intended adventures.

Rather than relying on your electronic ticket, or your laptop, tablet, or phone (which has already been pointed out as a bad idea to use), your concise itinerary will have phone numbers, addresses, times, dates, and can be relied on without needing to be charged.

A bundle of papers might be a drag getting about, but even travelling here in Australia there’s plenty of ways to have your electronics let you down right when you need them.

Here’s a bonus not mentioned by Garfors: take a colour copy of your passport and leave it somewhere separate to your normal pile of papers in case you happen to misplace them. And, leave one at home with someone you trust, like your mum. Should you get into trouble, this is a tip that will help a thousand times over!

Via Lifehacker (US)

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