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You can now tell ING you’re travelling overseas by just pressing one button on their app

Ever been overseas, forgotten to let your bank know in advance, and been unable to get access to your money and had to call a hotline? It happens to us all once or twice, especially if you travel regularly or have to hop countries at short notice.

While banks are helping us out by ensuring someone dodgy isn’t racking up huge bills, being stuck in a foreign country without cash isn’t always so easy, especially if it’s remote.

For ING Direct customers with an Orange Everyday transaction account, that’s about to not be such a problem, via an added function to the bank’s ING Direct app.

The app now has a new ‘Travel Alert’ feature, on both Android and iOS. By clicking-through, you can tell the bank when you’ll be away and for how long.

You can do it from inside of one month away from your travel date, or even while you’re overseas if you’ve forgotten and can’t get your money out. We walk you through how to use it down below.

All of this keeps your money accessible, and helps the bank monitor account activity and prevent false-alarms.

Lisa Claes, Executive Director, Customer Delivery at ING Direct, said:

“We want our customers to have comfort in knowing that their money will be both closely monitored and readily available while they are overseas, which is why we introduced this simple notification functionality to our app. We all understand the need to notify our bank of travel plans, but for many of us it just isn’t top of mind while preparing for a trip.”

How to use the new feature

ING Direct travelling overseas notification menu

ING Direct travelling overseas notification menu

The new feature is hidden away in the Account Settings area. In both Android and iOS, from the default screen, swipe from left to right to bring up the Account Setting screen.

Then tap the Settings icon (the gear wheel) to access the sub-menu.

On iOS, it’s clear to see under ‘Card Management’, with the ‘Use card overseas’ option apparent to click on.

On Android you’ll need to click ‘My Cards’ and then ‘Use card overseas’ to bring up the options.

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