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First Mick Fanning, now this: Whales sneak up on a guy while filming

Whale watching is taken to the next level – and maybe a few levels above that – with this next video. 

Brad Rich and Tony Flanders were fishing in Resurrection Bay near Seward, Alaska, when they started filming, hoping to catch a humpback whale or two on camera.

The fishermen recorded more than a couple of whales in the distance (language warning)…

The humpbacks seem to be bubble-net feeding, which is when humpback whales dive underwater and exhale in a circular pattern that creates a type of ‘net’ of rising bubbles. These bubbles then trap fish and force them upward. The whales will then spontaneously swim through this ‘bubble net’ with their mouths wide open, catching all the fish in one enormous gulp.

Brad and Tony happened to be right in the middle of that bubble-net feeding frenzy – and what a sight to behold!

Brad Rich later told KTVA news: ‘I knew that humpbacks do this group feeding. So I knew what was happening as soon as it happened. But to be in the middle of that, to actually experience that as to just watching it, it was the most awe-inspiring thing, it’s the most amazing thing to have ever happened to me’.

After a breach feeding, the whales swam away. The fisherman also caught that on camera. It’s not as spectacular as feeding time but it’s still a sight to be seen.

While the guy would have no doubt been surprised, it’s safe to say he would have been more exhilarated than terrified a la Mick Fanning and his new sharky friend. You can watch the video and Techly’s take on it here.

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