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World’s first crowdsourced hotel is on the hunt for its first location

We’ve seen almost everything crowdsourced and crowdfunded these days with the help of passionate communities, but here’s a first: a crowdsourced and crowdfunded boutique hotel that’s located where you vote it to be.

Amberlair is run by Hamburg-based Kristin Lindenberg and Marcus Orbé. Their goal is simple: they want to offer a hotel for travellers that’s designed by travellers. Everything from the location and decor to the food and beverage suppliers used at the hotel will be decided through a voting process.

Currently, there is no Amberlair boutique hotel location because that’s where Lindenberg and Orbé want its travelling community to chime in – they’re crowdsourcing the location. Travellers passionate about developing a boutique hotel along with others can submit their suggestions for the very first Amberlair location. Once Amerlair develops a shortlist of suggested hotel locations, the online vote will go ahead and the place with the most votes will be the site for the very first Amberlair hotel.

Hotel locations can be existing buildings or a particular place you think a boutique hotel is needed. The person who submits the winning entry will receive a VIP invitation to the opening party as well as a week’s stay for two at the Amberlair hotel.

Once the location is founded, Lindenberg and Orbé’s next step is to crowdfund the entire operation.

“Rather than succumb to the compromises of corporate investment”, they write, “we will seek to fund development via the future guests who share our passion for hotels with character”. No word yet on their crowdfunding goals, though that ought be finalized when the first location is announced.

Instead of giving the power to owners and investors, Amberlair aims to personalise the hotel experience for travellers all over the world. As someone who loves travelling and staying in cool hotels, I’ve got a long laundry list of things I’d love to suggest to the Amberlair community as soon as it’s time to start decorating those rooms (bring back waterbeds!).

To suggest a hotel location for Amberlair, go to their website here. People from all countries are encouraged to participate.

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