Featured Image for Successful drone delivery trialled by Fastway Couriers [VIDEO]

Successful drone delivery trialled by Fastway Couriers [VIDEO]

On Monday, delivery company Fastaway Couriers announced a collaboration between their delivery services and Flirtey, a company that specialises in deliveries by drone.

In New Zealand, the first drone parcel delivery as a result of this collaboration was trialled and completed successfully. The delivery contained auto parts in Auckland, travelling 1.9 kilometres.

It took the drone 4 minutes 45 seconds, in what would normally be an almost 20 minute drive – as shown in the video.

The drone itself is made from carbon fibre, aluminium and 3D printed parts. It has a range of over 15 kilometres and can deliver packages that weigh over 2.5 kilograms, and also returns back to a safe location if the battery is low, poor GPS signal or complete communication loss.

It’s actually a fairly impressive demonstration from Fastway/Flirtey. While it obviously is very controlled, the winching down of the package is a novel approach for delivering the device.

There are plenty of questions to answer, and while this is very PR driven and a long way from coming to the average Australian, it’s an intriguing display of what could be.

“We’re very impressed by the recent trial untaken by our global counterparts in New Zealand,” said CEO of Fastaway Couriers Australia Richard Thame in a media release.

“At Fastway, we’re always exploring new and innovative ways to enhance the customer experience and, although there’s no substitute for courier drivers, drone technology is rapidly progressing and may present future opportunities for increasing speed of delivery, particularly in traffic congested areas.”

CEO of Flirtey, Matthew Sweeny, added to the media release, “together with companies like Fastway, we have an opportunity to offer safe and reliable technology to turn drone delivery into a reality”.

“As the entire concept and its technology continues to evolve, the sky is the limit. We’re pioneering a future where anything a consumer orders can be delivered directly via an unmanned aerial vehicle.”

So far, drone delivery services have been trialled in the United States with Amazon Prime Air, and have been since April of this year.

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