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Japanese engineer hacks Roomba cleaning bot to make abstract art

There are two types of people in this world: those that use the Roomba for cleaning floors, and those that use it for art.

A Japanese engineer who goes by the name ‘HYdeJII’ has hacked the Roomba vacuum cleaner to convert it into a robotic version of Jackson Pollock.

He’s given his Roomba a new name, too: Mr Head. And Mr Head can paint almost anything (abstractly, of course), with four loaded bottles of paint connected through tubes.

Each painting takes a bit of time to complete, with Mr Head having to travel back and forth across the canvas to achieve colourful drips that end up part of an elaborately ‘crafted’ artwork. And judging by the timelapse video of his work, it can take hours to finish a piece.

But the wait is worth it.

Canvas decorated with paint by a Roomba

Spring Worm Hole

Right? I mean, you can’t really tell the difference between Mr Head’s work and the work of abstract artists. Art critic Bruno Alfieri once described Jackson Pollock’s work as “Chaos. Absolute lack of harmony. Complete lack of structural organisation. Total absence of technique, however rudimentary. Once again, chaos.” The same can be said of this work.

Although at just 14 years old, Mr Head is miles in front of Pollock.

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