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Get a faceful of your own face with Selfie Coffee

We’ve all been there – it’s first thing in the morning, and you’re dying for your caffeine fix (even though you should hold off until later in the day), you take your first big mouthful and spend the next 10 minutes unaware there’s froth on your nose. But at this coffee shop you don’t get froth on your face, you get your face in the froth.

Selfie coffee is sweeping southeast Asia, with ‘Selfie Coffee’ locations in Singapore and Malaysia selling drinks with foamy pictures of the person buying them printed on top.

And Selfie Coffee Singapore assures its customers, “Yes guys, its edible and 100% safe.”

When you take a selfie so good that you can't believe it's you.Cool @lacarmina

Posted by Selfie Coffee Singapore on Friday, 12 June 2015

But while this seems a kooky, boutique way of getting coffee, the photo-in-your-drink craze has been happening for a few years now, having been popularised by Taiwan’s Let’s Café chain.

Let’s Cafe is the coffee on offer within Taiwan’s FamilyMart convenience stores – a bit like Wild Bean cafe in BP petrol stations across Australia. Despite their ubiquitousness, Let’s Café were struggling against the bigger, more specialised coffee shops and decided the way to give their stores a more personal touch was via photographic coffee art.

The process was fairly straightforward – take a selfie, upload it via an app to the store’s coffee machine, and your image would be printed onto your foam using edible powder as the ‘ink’.

Clearly the gimmick worked, and now it’s starting to spread.

As for whether the coffees are actually any good? Well, it’s kinda hard to tell. They’ve got strong 3.5 and 4-star ratings on Trip Advisor and Yelp, but that’s based on single-figure reviews. A common complaint seems to be that the selfie coffees themselves take a while to whip up, but then that’s probably to be expected?

We’ll give Yelp reviewer Sam W. the final word:

At $8 [$AU7.70], you can have your selfie ‘imprinted’ onto your coffee. Yup. That’s right. It’s organic and safe and void of coloring, they claim. And you know what, mine was an iced signature coffee (without sugar syrup upon my request), the coffee wasn’t half bad…

Novelty but at least the coffee was better than Starbucks!

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