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Shadow WiFi: Stay cancer-free with WiFi that only works in the shade

On a beach in Peru, you can get free WiFi just for getting out of the sun’s harmful rays. Digital agency Happiness Brussels and the Peruvian League Against Cancer (Liga Contra el Cáncer) have collaborated on a set-up called Shadow WiFi System – a WiFi network only accessible in the shade of a gigantic blue structure.

When beachgoers at Playa Agua Dulce need to access the net, they can take a seat under the shade of the structure. Up to 250 users can connect to Shadow Wifi at any given time.

The aim is to get out of the sun, which can lead to skin cancer.

Engineers used a directional antenna and a sensor mounted onto a rotational device, so as the sun moves, so does the WiFi network. Therefore, as the shadow of the structure moves over the course of the day, WiFi users must move along with it to ensure there is no interruption to their Internet use.

Adolfo Dammert Ludowieg, president of Liga Contra el Cáncer, said, “[Shadow WiFi] has changed sun-worshipers’ behaviour and educated them about the value of becoming shadow-worshipers at the most harmful hours of the day, between 12 and 4pm.”

Users who connect to Shadow WiFi are also educated about the dangers of being out in the sun too long.

Shadow WiFi is due to hit San Francisco as well as New Zealand in the coming months, in collaboration with other cancer awareness organisations.

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    Monday 15 June 2015

    Yes! Finally something about skin cancer.