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Tampon Run: The game where you battle period taboos

High school coders Sophie Houser and Andy Gonzales have created an eight-bit video game called Tampon Run where instead of firing guns at your enemies, you launch tampons.

Tampon Run wasn’t just created to raise eyebrows (although it does that). To graduate their summer intensive course at Girls Who Code, both Houser and Gonzales needed to create a final project.

Gonzales wanted to design a game that “addresses the hyper-sexualization of females in video games” and Houser wanted to “code for social good”.

Tampon Run was a joke at first, but the idea grew as both girls realised menstruation is an on-going taboo subject.

“It’s actually a much larger and more serious problem in other parts of the world,” Houser told CNN. “In some places, girls drop out of school because they don’t know how to manage their periods.”

Tampon Run

Tampon Run screenshot

Tampon Run is a simple Shift and Space Bar game. Jump, fire and talk about menstruation along the way!

Both girls have spoken at a local TEDx talk for Youth Day and even received an offer from Pivotal Labs to develop a mobile app version of the game.

As for the future, Houser is off to study at Brown University and Gonzales has scored an internship over the U.S. summer with DoSomething.org.

Tampon run explanation

Get the app on iTunes or check out the game’s website.

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