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Till death don’t us part: You’re invited to the world’s first robot wedding

On June 27 2015 in central Tokyo, an extraordinary couple will finally tie the knot. The bride and the groom will walk down the aisle and be proclaimed husband and wife. However the phrase “till death do us part” will not apply, because both husband and wife are machines.

Yes, they are a pair of android love birds.

To make it weirder, Frois, the groom, is actually a stool-head robot and Yukirin, the bride, is an android with a face inspired by a Japanese idol, Yuki Kashiwagi, from the group AKB48. They are the robotic version of beauty and the beast – well, more like beauty and the stool.

Yukirin’s creator, Takayuki Todo, has changed the android’s name into something more common – ‘Roborin’ – in order to avoid difficulties such as copyright issues as well as hostile AKB48 fans. Hey, anything to help the wedding ceremony run more smoothly!

Obviously the wedding needs a special robot to emcee the occasion, thus the world’s first humanoid robot designed to live with humans, Pepper, will host the special event.

If you want to witness the world’s first robot couple exchange their vows, you can purchase a ticket for ¥10,000 (about $AU105), but there are only 100 tickets.

If you were able to buy ticket, you might even be able to see the first “kiss” between two humanoids!

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