A Turkish TV station forgot to add special effects to a scene – this video actually went to air

Films are made with two key variables: time and money. Filmmakers also employ editors. We’ll be kind and say this Turkish TV show ran out of money and couldn’t afford to pay editors to remove the final scene in this (unintentionally hilarious) video, which was broadcast widely.

The show is something like Turkish ‘Touched by an Angel’.

In this terrible scene in an apparently terrible TV show made for a terribly produced religious channel, it would seem the Imam (aka the hobo-looking fellow getting roped by green men) is trying to teach some kind of lessons about how people who live in ways outside of their religion should change their behaviour.

Watch the video in the player above

Turkish people in the video’s comments seem to think that the show should have been cut before airing that final part of the scene. We’re glad it wasn’t. The magic of show business!

PS. For those wondering, that score in the top right was a football match, with Gaziantep was winning 2-1 against Bursaspor in the Turkish Super Lig. Australian Aziz Behich plays for Bursaspor.

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