Featured Image for Tired of filling out forms on your tiny mobile screen? Fillr, to the rescue

Tired of filling out forms on your tiny mobile screen? Fillr, to the rescue

Don’t you just love that your computer will remember your answers in the forms you fill out all the time? Your address, your phone number, your email address.

State, country, postal code. Well if you’re an avid mobile user for anything that requires filling out forms, your autofill is about to get a whole lot better.

At least, that’s what Fillr’s aiming for. The Fillr app is “next-gen autofill on steroids”, and it’s specifically created for all your mobile devices (running iOS 8 or later, of course).

If your immediate reaction is that you’ve already got autofill on your mobile, Fillr’s sure their function is going to blow yours out of the water. If you’re a frequent online shopper, for example, say goodbye to the tiny keyboard problem and spellchecking on your itty bitty screen.

Tired of filling out forms on your tiny mobile screen? Fillr, to the rescue (Fillr)

Tired of filling out forms on your tiny mobile screen? Fillr, to the rescue (Fillr)

The research team at Think With Google conducted a study that Fillr cites to prove the usefulness of the app in our digitally addicted lives.

Their findings prove what the world’s already noticed: we’re hooked on mobile. According to the study, one impressive increase in our mobile usage has been in researching and shopping:

“Consumers are spending time researching on their smartphones (15+ hours a week), their research starts with a search engine (vs. a mobile site or app), proximity is important (69% expect businesses to be within five miles of their location), immediacy is key (more than half want to purchase within the hour) and mobile influences their purchase decisions (93% go on to buy).”

Fillr works as an extension with the Safari browser on your mobile. Select the Fillr button from any website that requires you to complete a form, and their database should automatically fill out the correct fields with your saved information.

You can save multiple addresses and phone numbers, and Fillr stores your data securely, which may be (should be) on your mind when saving personal details to a third party app. Your information is stored and encrypted in your PIN protected account in the app, and Fillr promises never to back up your data to the cloud.

One of the coolest features of Fillr is that you can keep track of your own data records, so you can store a history of the forms you’ve filled (as long as you’ve Fillr to do it). Being able to keep a record of where you’ve sent your data does create a certain sense of security for the mobile obsessed.

The Fillr team is Australian, and they’re fresh off the successful $15 million sale of their similarly form-focused startup, 1Form, to News Corp’s REA Group. Fillr is available to download from Apple store for free, and their website promises there’s an Android version on the way.

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