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How do you make Darth Vader even more terrifying? Build him out of dead bugs

Darth Vader is one of the most instantly recognisable characters in film history, his black, skull-like faceplate as iconic as it is terrifying. So how do you make one of the silver screen’s scariest even more upsetting? By creating his bust out of bugs, moths, scorpions and freaking tarantulas!

While sketching a tarantula, artist Klaus Enrique saw the within the arachnid’s eight legs the outline of Vader’s faceplate.

So Enrique spent four months and an estimated 300 hours arranging 150 dead bugs over a plasticine mould to recreate Ralph McQuarrie’s costume design.

The butterflies were particularly difficult to place, their wings being extremely brittle. According to Wired, Enrique had to dampen the wings, using “a humidity chamber he fashioned from a take-out container, water, paper towels, mouthwash (to keep bacteria from forming), rocks and mosquito net”.

The bugs are held in place with pins, which he edited out with Photoshop.

The result? We’ll let Enrique give his thoughts:

“When I saw [the finished statue] I was like ‘I think this Darth Vader happens to be even scarier than the real Darth Vader.’”

Enrique also created another version of the Sith Lord, using white butterflies.

As an aside, Vader’s visage sparked quite the online kerfuffle last week. An image of his crushed faceplate accompanied with the words “my father has it” was one of the most hotly debated aspects of the latest Star Wars trailer (shouldn’t you be saying had it? Isn’t Darth Vader dead? Luke? Anybody? Dammit, hurry up December!).

Enrique has made other film villains from unexpected materials as well, having created Frankenstein’s monster out of meat, and the Terminator out of fruit. All were part of his Arcimboldo series, paying tribute to artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who made his masterpieces out of everyday objects – both inanimate and deceased – as well.

Enrique’s photos are on sale through Saatchi Art at $US8000 apiece.

(All images via the artist’s website.)

Klaus Enrique's Darth Vader in White
Klaus Enrique's Darth Vader made of bugs
Klaus Enrique's Terminator
Klaus Enrique's Frankenstein

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