Featured Image for Pornhub’s Save the Balls campaign: Adult star Charlotte Stokely teaches men to ‘last longer’

Pornhub’s Save the Balls campaign: Adult star Charlotte Stokely teaches men to ‘last longer’

You probably get weekly emails in your junk folder about ‘lasting longer’ in the sack, so it’s understandable that when one of the internet’s largest adult websites releases a video of a pornstar promising to teach you to last longer, you’d be sceptical. But in this instance, the video totally lives up to its promise.

With April being testicular cancer awareness month, Pornhub have created a campaign called ‘Save the Balls’ with the aim of encouraging men to perform regular self-examinations of their testicles.

Central to the campaign is a video entitled “Charlotte Stokely teaches you to last longer”.

(The video, embedded below, features a woman in her underwear cradling a dildo, so maybe don’t watch it in public – but hey, it’s a public health announcement, so you’ve got a ready-made excuse if the missus finds you watching it.)

Charlotte’s delivery shows us all why she’s working in adult films rather than Hollywood, but you really can’t fault the message. Check your testicles and last longer – in life!

As both Charlotte and Pornhub mention, testicular cancer is most common in men aged 15 to 45 and “Regular self-examination of the testicles is important for young men, particularly those at risk of testicular cancer. Being familiar with the size, shape and usual level of lumpiness can help you determine if something is not quite right”.

As well as the video, Pornhub has a list of stats, symptoms, and advice on how to perform a testicular self-examination.

This is the latest of Pornhub’s interesting ‘side’ projects. Last month they created a wearable that harnesses the power of your wrists from… well, you know what you go to Pornhub for.

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    Jim Kalos

    Friday 23 December 2016

    She held my attention. What was really funny to me is that I got the link from The Age newspaper site from an article. So lots of people are going to read a mainstream newspaper article, click a link and end up with a screen that links them to Porn Hub. Merry Xmas