Featured Image for Spy on your kids with GPS shoes that track their every move

Spy on your kids with GPS shoes that track their every move

Sports giant 361 Degrees and Chinese Internet company Baidu have teamed up to launch a line of smart shoes for kids. What makes ’em smart? The fact that parents can track wherever their kids go with the shoes’ built-in GPS tracker.

A lineup of the new smart shoes for kids

Image via Baidu/361 Degrees

Each sneaker (there are four types) is equipped with Baidu Hawkeye and Baidu Map technology so parents can monitor their kid’s location. The technology will also notify parents when their kids leave the monitored area.

The shoes can also monitor the health of children by combining Baidu’s tracker with its big data. That means data can be uploaded to Baidu’s health cloud, analysed, and professional health advice and exercise suggestions are then sent back for the parents to keep the kiddos more active (i.e: no more video games!).

The built-in technology of a smart shoe

Image via Baidu/361 Degrees

Ding Wuhao, president and executive director of 361 Degrees, said of the new smart shoes, “Using Internet thinking in our business will be the group’s new direction in the future. The group will fully utilise big data and integrate internet thinking into its overall brand development, to truly understand and identify users, as well as create a new sporting and healthy lifestyle for them.

“The 361Degrees Kids Smart Shoes are not only a tracking devices for children, they also help foster parent-child relationships as children will be able to freely enjoy smart products during their childhood. This creates new possibilities in the internet era of rapid technological development.”

The outersole of the smart shoe

Image via Sole Collector

The shoes are battery powered and placing them on a small charging plate will charge them for up to two days of play.

The smart shoes are launching in China right now and are retailing for around 500 yuan, or $AU105. No word yet on whether they’ll to make it to Aussie shores.

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