Just what is ‘normal’? The truth about penis sizes

There are so many myths surrounding penis size. You can tell a man’s size by the size of his feet, or the distance from his thumb to the end of his index finger, or based on his race or ethnicity. Well a study of over 15,000 penises has come up with a few numbers and facts which should help dispel these rumours forever.

Scientists writing for the BJU International Journal of Urology wanted to create a nomogram of penis sizes, so they set about collating information from 17 different studies with a total of 15,521 men involved.

According to the study, the average penis when flaccid is 9.16 centimetres (3.6 inches) in length and has a girth of 9.31cm (3.7 inches).

As for when erect, the average penis is 13.12 centimetres (5.16 inches) and has a circumference of 11.66cm (4.6 inches).

Penis length chart

Penis girth chart

While some men may see the chart as confirmation they are smaller than average and thus right to be ashamed, or larger than average and thus right to be proud, it’s a fairly gentle slope between 10 and 90 per cent. And, in fact, only 2.28 per cent of men have an abnormally small penis – the same percentage as those who have an abnormally large one.

“We believe these graphs will help doctors reassure the large majority of men that the size of their penis is in the normal range,” said Dr David Veale, one of the study’s authors.

The article was in-part entitled ‘Am I normal?’, and a crucial part of the study’s aim was to help men who are overly concerned with the size of their penis.

“We will also use the graphs to examine the discrepancy between what a man believes to be their position on the graph and their actual position or what they think they should be,” said Dr Veale.

A few other interesting results to come out of the study include the fact that there is no correlation between size and race or ethnicity (although the study had a larger proportion of European and Middle Eastern men involved, so this isn’t definitive), nor was their any relationship between the size of a man’s foot and the size of his genitals.

The long and short of it is, for all bar 4.5 per cent of men across the globe, there’s a fairly standard size range which could be considered normal.

The hope is that these nomograms will help men suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder to understand as much, as well as lead to better fitting condoms.

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Joe was Junior Vice-President at Compu-Global-Hyper-Mega-Net until it was bought out by Bill Gates. He now subedits for Conversant Media and considers it a step up.

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    Casey Rice-Jones

    Thursday 19 March 2015

    Thankyou, Joe Frost, For informing me i have a normal dick.

    You are also now a small teenage girls role model.


    jess robin

    Tuesday 31 March 2015

    There is a website that took the graphical results of multiple studies on penis size and averaged those results. The average penis size calculated is based on all kinds of different characteristics Such as height and orientation. http://Www.penissizepredictor.com

      Joe Frost

      Joe Frost

      Wednesday 1 April 2015

      Kind of flies in the face of the research, but it’s a funny website.


    No name thanks

    Monday 29 June 2015

    I imagine there will be lots of men who read this article and are relieved. They’re not any bigger, but will at least be less concerned about their size. On the other hand, ever since a teenager, I’ve been told by the women who’ve been kind enough to sleep with me that I’m big, and have always taken it with a grain of salt, assuming they’re saying so to flatter my ego in bed, or just to be nice. However, if this study is accurate, then they were being quite genuine. Online I found a calculator which says my 7&1/2″ is 19 cm, which the first chart says is at the very large end of the range of ‘normal’. I would never have guessed. Doesn’t make me a better man though, and I doubt I’d feel any less secure about myself if I was smack dab in the middle of the ‘normal’ range.


      Claire Stephens

      Thursday 3 March 2016

      People go on and on about size and staying-power. Giving pleasure is the most important thing, from both sides, and can be done without concerns about anatomy.



    Thursday 2 July 2015

    Yeah. Great. I’m average as f*ck. But who the f*ck wants to be average as f*ck? Who doesn’t want to be great? F*ck average. My girlfriend is not comparing me to average, she’s comparing to the biggest and best.


      No name thanks

      Thursday 2 July 2015

      Anon, if you’re “average”, and your girlfriend is comparing your size as a factor in deciding whether to have sex with you, then you need to get yourself a new girlfriend. She’s a very shallow person if that’s her attitude. I’m not average, I’m very big, but that hardly makes me “best”. It certainly doesn’t make me a better man.



    Saturday 4 July 2015

    Average is average n normal is normal its all good as long as ur happy with it n shes happy with it thats count in fact some sizes it wasnt as near normal ends up the relasionship if yo too small lol as for me im not small n im not huge huge but im normal no wonder i always been normal with everything ??? act normal everything norm for me coz im only 8in
    n somethimes i wish id have a monster killer size n c how it works into the beautiful virgina n if its too dangerous n might as well chop it lol but im happy with me normal size oh n the width is 2 an half sideway. But its true depends how tall n size of hand n feet like a tall basketballs 7feet or normal huge tall n massive man like Tongans n Fijians im sure their ladies so exciting as i read in some article that the Tongan King in 1800s or 1900s the biggest dick in the world he had sex with over 3000 beautiful ladies n i dont know which ladies from n this article researched from Europe with a naked black statue i saw it on fb not long ago n i dont kno if its true of not for sure so many mens now days around the global world has a humongous dick n they all proud it as long as a healthy dick counts ???



      Thursday 29 October 2015

      Charles, you sound like Vicki Pollard – very entertaining!! ??


    Mick Dunn

    Sunday 12 July 2015

    Women are more interested in how good the tongue action is…and how expertly the ‘social finger’ works the magic G spot!



    Friday 28 August 2015

    Lol pathetic males fighting and crying over penis size
    Here’s the reality we don’t care about big dicks
    Only porn stars love big dicks
    All women care about is how good your tongue is

    Who needs a big willie when you can have a great tongue
    I would rather have a guy with a 2inch dick and a great tongue
    Then a guy with a 10 inch dick that’s too uncomfortable to put in



      Saturday 12 September 2015

      I’m average but have the best tongue in the business. Have made women cum who swore they couldn’t from oral ? I actually have a bit of an addiction to it ? yay vaginas



      Wednesday 11 November 2015

      Agree with you sarah:)



      Friday 8 January 2016




    Sunday 30 August 2015

    Don’t worry about size. Any man with a supersize would trade it for one that works. 86



    Wednesday 2 September 2015

    Anything above 8 inches can be too much for girls, I know as when I was younger I thought it a blessing but it’s an inconvenience too in reality. Smaller guys take solace knowing you can do more and “go as hard” as u like without doing damage! No girl wants to be put in hospital. I’d happily downgrade



    Wednesday 24 February 2016

    I disagree, Sarah…
    Size DOES matter. Although GIRTH is far more important than length for a woman’s pleasure! Actually, anything 8″ or longer can be uncomfortable or even painful! Who likes to have their cervix pummeled?? Not me!
    Although size does not matter if he can’t get you off!!! Since most women do not orgasm by intercourse alone, hand & mouth skills are very important!!! Unfortunately, I think that a lot of guys with large penises are over-confident and so don’t bother to master these skills.



    Sunday 24 April 2016

    It’s true that this article will prove to many men that their penises are quite average and normal. But, it also proves to many on the lower end of the scale that they are in fact small, as they suspected.



    Tuesday 21 June 2016

    -sigh- why are we even having this conversation.


    Stuart John Pearson

    Monday 3 October 2016

    Will this happen if with more exercise in Centimetres rather than Inches? lol. The Metric System is so much easier than the Imperial unit of measurement.