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Swedish Red Cross create brilliant charity arcade for donations

Sweden’s Red Cross are set for a flood of loose change donations with this clever arcade game donation innovation, freshly installed at Arlanda Airport in Stockholm.

The premise is simple: rather than have a donation box for foreign coins, why not let people play some arcade classics like PacMan and Space Invaders with whatever foreign left over coins they have in their pocket?

The airport boxes you usually see look like this:

A standard Red Cross donation box

Sweden’s special new aiport donation boxes look like this:

A new Red Cross donation box arcade

A new Red Cross donation box arcade

This is simple, brilliant, and is a great way to encourage donations with the most simple gamification model. The Red Cross partnered with airport owner Swedavia to implement the arcades, and all coins inserted into the games will go to Red Cross operations.

The video here explains more about how the arcade machines work:

Our only concern is getting so caught up playing or trying for a highscore that we might miss a flight, or just not go home at all!

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    Joko popov

    Monday 31 October 2016

    Great idea . A group of workers are doing programs for the dole at Dandenong are doing the very much same thing for charity’s around Australia ,arcades,tables,chairs,referbish old caravans for doctors, anybody that has a need for the things we make they all have a place to go.at the end of the week when clients pick things up its always feels great to see people happy and it goes both ways.