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Yes, there was life before Photoshop and this is what it looked like

Life without computers forced ingenuity. Long before Photoshop, as early as the 1850s, photographers were experimenting and producing images that boggle the mind.

You had to get fairly creative if you wanted to shock and impress back in the day. Multiple exposures were used to create those ‘spirit photos’ of yesteryear where it looks like some lost soul is posing for the camera. Other analog ‘tools’ included combination printing, photomontage, and overpainting.

A man looks to have two heads in this photo from 1855

Two-headed Man c. 1855, via Mashable

But soon photo manipulation took off, as Mashable writer Amanda Uren explains:

The artistic community also took up photo manipulation, for instance, with the creation of narrative images. Later it was adopted by the constructivist movement in Russia in the 1920s, and then again by the surrealists.

Political figures (ahem, Stalin, Jong-il, Jong-un, the list goes on) have even gone as far as erasing certain people from photographs.

These days we can create everything with Photoshop, even bears with beaks. But in order to appreciate the photo editing software of today, we must first appreciate the efforts others made decades ago.

Here are some photos that were photoshopped before Photoshop.

Via Mashable

Maurice Tabard (French, 1897-1984) Room with Eye 1930
Fading Away, c. 1858, via Mashable
Man juggling his own head
Grete Stern (Argentinian, born Germany, 1904-1999) Sueño No. 1: Articulos eléctricos para el hogar Dream No. 1: Electrical Appliances for the Home 1948
A powerful collision
Unidentified American artist Dirigible Docked on Empire State Building, New York 1930

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