Featured Image for Want to kill that pain in your back? Use gaming as your physical therapy

Want to kill that pain in your back? Use gaming as your physical therapy

It sounds like something you’d only ever dream about but you can actually kill that back pain while gaming.

Behind this bizarre (yet proven) method is something called Valedo, created by Swiss-based medical company Hocoma.

Valedo is a pair of sensors paired with an app that helps you train your back to reduce back pain. The sensors feature a 3D gyroscope, 3D accelerometer, plus a 3D magnetometer which use “highly evolved” algorithms.

Place a sensor on your chest and the other on your lower back, start up the app and the characters you play in the games are actually controlled by your body. The games are designed with 17 unique movements incorporated into 45 therapeutic exercises. So while you’re reaching to the right or swooping down low during the game, you’re actually treating your back pain.

The program has therapeutic goals which include mobilisation, stabilisation, body control, improvement in movement awareness, stretching, and balance.

But you won’t even know you’re doing all that because the games are quite impressive – for a health app, anyway.

A man stretches while 'playing' a Valedo exercise game

Image via Valedo

Each training session lasts for six minutes so you don’t overdo it, but odds are you’ll know if you’ve overdone it – you’ve already got back pain.

Valedo is currently only compatible with iOS devices but an Android version is planned in the near future.

The kit, complete with two sensors, 100 tape strips (for the sensors), USB cable, and case retails for $US359.

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