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Become a Jedi Master with the Force Trainer II Hologram Experience

Isn’t it time you used the power of the Force? Search your feelings, you know it to be true. Lucky for you there’s The Force Trainer II ready to train you through 15 levels until you have the skills of a Jedi Master.

This Star Wars gizmo comes from Uncle Milton and NeuroSky, a developer of biosensors.

The Force Trainer uses brainwave sensors to read and interpret your levels of concentration.

A photo of a young boy using The Force Trainer II with his hand outstretched

Image via Uncle Milton

You put on a headset and clear your mind. You’ll have 10 Jedi challenges to go through, all of which have been part of the movies. So you’ll be able to raise an X-wing from the Dagobah swamp, battle Darth Vader (a dream come true!) and even build your very own lightsaber with the power of your mind.

The hologram images you see, as well as the challenges, all come through a companion app. Your tablet will then project hologram images into the Jedi training base. The more you focus, the more success you’ll have in completing each challenge.

The Force Trainer II console

Image via Space.com/Calla Cofield

If there’s any doubt as to whether you can pass each challenge or not, your good friend Yoda will be there to guide you and keeping you focused throughout.

The whole set-up is expected to cost about $US120 and will be available in Spring.

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