Featured Image for Pause Fest wraps amazing year with 2016 announcement: A free wearable for all

Pause Fest wraps amazing year with 2016 announcement: A free wearable for all

Pause Fest’s big 2015 looks like it will be eclipsed in 2016, with an announcement made by founder George Heston: a free wearable from technology company Lifeable for all attendees.

It’s expected that the Melbourne event will replace the traditional lanyard with the latest Lifeable wearable, focused on payments.

Pause Fest and Lifeable team up

That means travel and access will be a streamlined experience, allowing attendees to gain access to sessions, parties and other exclusive Pause Fest events, along with the ability to have payment and possibly even hotel access on the device.

Max Ryerson, co-founder of Lifeable, told Techly that the team saw a great opportunity to make the festival experience even better:

“During the conference we began speaking with George about how to streamline the Pause Fest experience. We felt that Lifeable could provide a refined device for attendees to access various events during the conference and reduce the workload for George and the Pause Fest team.

“George loved the concept, and we began discussing how we could work to bring more of the Lifeable features (namely payment and travel) to the Pause Fest wearable.”

George Hedon, founder of Pause Fest, told Techly that after an enormous 2015 event, Pause 2016 will be even bigger, thanks in part to Lifeable:

“I’m very happy to confirm that Pause Festival 2015 was a huge success for us. The festival grew four times the size and the audience doubled yet again!

“I’m always thinking of how we can improve the event experience to bring something new to our audience. Partnering with Lifeable for Pause 2016 is not just an exciting project for me but for our audience too. Lifeable wearable is powerful, cool and reusable.”

It’s a big call from Hedon, given the success of Pause 2015.

Let’s do a time travel of Pause takings of this year:

Desktop mag relaunched, For the People launched their agency, TAC Ideas Hack announced their winner, there was the Allegoria Sacra screening premiere, zombies were killed in wireless VR combat, This American Life shared their storytelling insights, and the B Faculty told us how to build our business empire.

Then there was MONA’s CD saying “You won’t find the future of culture on your iPhone”, Dennis Jones from Rising Sun Pictures missing the Oscars to talk X-Men at Pause, and Pete Williams mesmerising people with a live brain-mapping project.

Pause also helped the ‘Be my eyes – lend your eyes to the blind’ initiative to develop an Android app, Katie Mack talked about black holes, the Startup Expo went off, interactive installations premiered, the VJ vs DJ live performances kept dance floors busy, and two Tesla Motors were there!

George told Techly Pause have already received few enquiries for sponsoring and speaking opportunities at Pause 2016 – be discovered! ‘Discover’ is the new festival theme.

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