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David Copperfield is looking to tech for new tricks

Remember David Copperfield? Yeah, that magician guy who rose to fame for his crazy stunts and TV specials – well, he’s still going strong in the world of illusion. In fact, he’s going so strong that he’s created an $US800 million fortune for himself and performs to sellout crowds 40 weeks of the year in Las Vegas.

But what you might not know about this millionaire illusionist is that he’s looking towards tech to connect with his magic shows.

He even attended CES 2015 to find inspiration!

Check out this video from USA Today to find out Copperfield’s take on tech and the way he works it into his performances.

Copperfield carries an iPhone 6 Plus in an OtterBox case, plus an iPad that contains a collection of video clips of his performances.

He also uses the Solidworks eDrawing app, and a few webcams “that monitor the 11 islands he owns in the Bahamas”.

And believe it or not, he even uses Uber. But with money like that, why would you even bother? Doesn’t he have a personal butler to arrange a ride for him? Or at least a driver?

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