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The world’s largest animated painting can only be seen from space

What do you get when you mix whiskey, street art and satellite imaging? The largest gif in the world, that can only be captured from space. 

English-born artist INSA is known for his updated take on graffiti. His Gif-iti project requires him to paint and repaint a single mural in different stages, one layer on top of the other, to create street art that is as striking on a wall as it is when scanned with the mobile app that brings it to life in an infinite gif loop.

The largest GIF in the world can only be seen from space

INSA had already been creating art all over the world when Ballantine’s whisky approached him for their Stay True campaign. The campaign features musicians and artists doing the things they love with all their hearts and souls, encouraging the dreamers of the world to stay true to themselves.

It seems that INSA’s artistic nature requires him to push boundaries, innovating in the quickly shrinking space between art and technology. He explains his Space Gif-iti idea in the official Stay True video: “The internet has changed our view on art. I wanted to cross both worlds and make work that existed in online space even more than it existed in real space.”

Artistically, the scale of the project posed challenges for INSA’s four-painting plans. Without being able to see the full work as it grew and changed, Gif-iti of this size requires careful calculations more than spontaneous creativity.

The largest GIF in the world can only be seen from space

Ballantine’s used their resources to commandeer two satellites provided by commercial satellite program Astrium. In four days, INSA and a team of 20 painters cover a 14,000 square metre canvas four times for four satellite images. In total, they painted 57,515 square metres of pink and yellow hearts over 576 man hours.

All for a 600 pixel-wide gif for the Interwebs’ viewing pleasure. That’s dedication. And that’s art, according to INSA.

While this project is enormous in scale by anyone’s standards, INSA says that since he first discovered graffiti in the UK as a young teenager, all roads have been leading here: “it’s everything I’ve ever wanted my art to be”.

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