Featured Image for Augmented reality is literally at your fingertips with this 3D-enabled manicure

Augmented reality is literally at your fingertips with this 3D-enabled manicure

Wearable technology has surpassed the smartwatches to infiltrate your local nail salon. As augmented reality grows its audience in the art and fashion industries, Metaverse Makeovers are bringing technological innovation to your manicure.

With over $1 million in angel investment funding and government grants, Thea Baumann set out to build her vision for Metaverse Makeovers. Located in Melbourne, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Baumann expects to reach 93 million young women with the company’s mobile app, which brings hi-tech nails to life with 3D images and effects.

Glitter and rainbows!

Baumann is counting on the powerful Chinese contingent of millennials as glittering examples of the generation’s reputation as smart-phone addicts. Metaverse Makeovers hopes to feed the millennial hunger for creativity and individuality through social media.

At all times.

Thea Baumann makes wearable tech nails

If you want to take your wearable tech to a whole new level, why not paint it on your nails? You could have unicorns and light shows with you wherever you go – as long as you’ve got your smart phone nearby. Baumann is betting that you do.

You can check out these AR-enabled nails when Metaverse Makeovers hold a free performance installation on February 15, which you can live stream here. What can you expect? “Blurring the line between art, performance, beauty and tech, this drop-in experience is a window into the youth culture of post-1990s Chinese individualism.”

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