Featured Image for Artist covers infants with tattoos of corporate logos to show our lives with big brands

Artist covers infants with tattoos of corporate logos to show our lives with big brands

Since human billboards are one of the most effective advertising methods, an Australian artist decided to use infants as his living billboards to give a startling representation of the way big corporations are ingrained in our lives.

Don’t go reporting him to the authorities just yet, because Dietrich Wegner only covered the babies’ bodies with corporate logos using Photoshop and 3D sculptures – you’ll see one below. (No babies were harmed during the photo shoot. Phew.)

That doesn’t make this any less unusual though. It’s creepy.

The project, titled ‘Cumulous Brand‘, was created by Wegner with both real children as well as 3D sculptures of infants made of silicon and foam.

In order to make the ‘human billboard’ effect, Wegner first took photographs of the real infants (with the consent of the child’s guardian/parents), then overlaid the corporate logos onto the child’s body using Photoshop.

He also covered the life-like infant sculptures with colourful corporate logo tattoos to create his crawling infant billboard.

Wegner told Inhabitots that the logos tattooed on the babies’ bodies are a reminder on how the advertising has integrated throughout our daily life. Furthermore, each baby’s ‘tattoos’ were specifically chosen for that child, by interviewing adults prominent in the child’s life.

We get it – it’s a pretty graphic way of portraying the way that brands influence our lives, even at a young age. And perhaps the creepiness of it all is designed to shock us more than weird us out. But we’re unlikely to give them up – we’ve accepted we’re in their control now.

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