Featured Image for Download the ‘Ethan’ app and chat to Ethan – everybody else is doing it!

Download the ‘Ethan’ app and chat to Ethan – everybody else is doing it!

“Hi I am Ethan, who made Ethan, a messaging app for messaging Ethan. Ask me anything I’m here. To chat privately, find me on Ethan.”

Developed by Ethan Gliechtenstein (also the creator of Rubcam), ‘Ethan’ is just an ordinary messaging app which Gliechtenstein developed to communicate with his friends and family as he’d been off Facebook for a while.

But it was out in the ether as a free downloadable app, so free download people did.

The app became tremendously popular, gaining approximately six hundred up-votes on Product Hunt and getting thousands of downloads on App Store. It’s also been featured on Business Week and CNN.

Essentially, people send Ethan a message, and he responds. Gliechtenstein has shared some of his experience and thoughts regarding Ethan on the forum.

I’ve been off Facebook for a while so this is one way for people to reach me. Plus I own all the data. Also I can cut off annoying people easily if I wanted to… But then random people started downloading and I became sort of a virtual assistant at one point, finding music for romantic dinner or animes with dragons for them. Sometimes it’s hard because they keep asking me questions while I’m sleeping. That’s why I added the rules on the home page.

Ethan app rules

Ethan app rules

Due to the app’s massive success, Gliechstein has started accepting submissions for customised versions of the app. To get your own ‘Ethan’ app – except, y’know, named after you – hit Ethan up on his website, or contact him by downloading ‘Ethan’ on the App Store.

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