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How to get a thousand Tinder matches in under one second (photoshopped abs not necessary)

If you’ve heard of the internet, then you’ve probably heard of smartphones – meaning you’ve definitely heard of Tinder. Tinder is the swipe-based, internet-dating application that has revamped relationship expectations and eliminated awkward bar pick-up lines forever.

Aside from being the saviour of people with social problems everywhere, the app operates as a sort of meat market. ‘Players’ can take a look at people who are in the vicinity, swiping right if they’re interested. If the other ‘player’ indicates that they are also interested, then bingo – Tinder connects you and allows you to ‘chat’ to each other, and whatever else.

Well a software designer named Yuri de Souza, through code and other clever internetty things, has invented a way to automate the swipes. This means that you can ‘swipe right’ to thousands of users in (or out of) your vicinity in an instant – taking all that frustrating and time-consuming searching out of the process.

Through using an electronic middleman called Fiddler, a name which surely would give rise to a number of hilarious fiddling jokes on a publication less high-brow than Techly, you can make it appear that you have the fastest fingers in the west (again, no fiddling jokes here – that’s what Lost At E Minor is for).

De Souza said the idea came to him when he noticed the immediate and somewhat intimate connection allowed by Tinder, and that manipulating the system would allow folks to do a range of things. Possibly good things, but possibly evil things also.

Mr Right? Mr Right Now? Mr Swipe Right. Dating has changed forever. Image: The Perry Book

Mr Right? Mr Right Now? Mr Swipe Right. Dating has changed forever. Image: The Perry Book

First, the good things.

For those who want to use the app for its intended purpose, the hack does allow a whole lot more matches in a shorter period of time. I guess it is at least an ego boost for those who are looking for love and who also understand some semi-complex coding. And let’s face it – understanding complex coding and looking for love go hand in clammy hand.

Then, for those time-poor individuals who don’t want to find themselves swiping through the night, the app allows instant hookups to become even more instant. The connection that is, not the actual hook-up (again, we are a high-brow publication).

Then there are also a few less-than-pure ways that you could use the hack. For instance, de Souza notes that “you can use the techniques explained in this post of reverse engineer other apps” meaning that you may never need to swipe, pinch or shake your iPhone again to achieve the outcome you require. Take that, Angry Birds!

He also notes that you could get all Google up in here. “If you are an evil spammer, you could write a Tinder bot to sell products to Tinder matches.” He has already received a bunch of negative feedback for his post, and has delivered somewhat of a clarification in response.

Tinder itself grew from similar but slightly more hardcore gay apps such as Grindr, but has managed to do what craiglist, me in high school and phone numbers in bathroom stalls never managed to do – make overnight hookups an attractive idea for women.

In fact women signing up in droves is the reason behind the app’s success.

Somehow, the app has managed to overcome many of the stigmas previously associated with internet dating. There have even been stories of successful, long-term relationships starting with Tinder – even weddings.

The app has mainstream acceptance even regarding random hookups, and you will often notice men and women in bars late at night, glued to their phones, swiping any which way, searching for Mr or Mrs (Swipe) Right – that’s right, we all know you’re not playing Flappy Bird.

Another internet smartypants has kind of done the same thing, although this has a limit of auto-swiping 100 people at a time – just in case you have to get up in the morning.

As for de Souza’s discovery, I won’t get into the code behind it, because you can find it all here, but if you ‘wanna play’ with the players and cut down on the time required to do so, this may be your shot.

To recap:
Use this automated tool to auto-like 100 people at a time – no swiping required.
– If you want to do it yourself, and you’re ok to following instructions and have a crack at coding, go here.

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