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Aussie photographer transforms vintage B&W photos into magical art

Vintage black and white war photographs are one of the best ways to study and understand human history. A talented Aussie photographer thought it would be interesting to retouch these photographs into mesmerising art pieces. The result? Pure magic.

Jane Long, a photographer and graphic designer based in Brisbane, re-edited a series of old photographic plates made by Costica Acsinte, who fought in and was a photographer during World War I.

Acsinte opened his own photography studio after the war and continued to capture unforgettable moments for people until his at the age of 87 in 1984.

In 2013, Acsinte’s lifetime works were digitised and preserved by the Costica Acsinte Archive, with all his war images having fallen into the public domain.

It is this archive that led Long to create her amazing prints.

She not only recoloured the shots, she also composited elements into existing photos using Photoshop, the process for which you can see in her tutorial video.

She cleverly changes the gloomy ambience of the photographs into eye-catching surreal art.

Jane Long 1
jane Long's photos
Jane long 3
Protecting his bear with his life
Really brings out the kid's green thumb
Note the sweet falcon

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