Featured Image for Don’t get caught short! This toilet paper holder alerts you when you need a top up

Don’t get caught short! This toilet paper holder alerts you when you need a top up

It’s so easy to tell when the toilet paper is running low, but we seem to always run out during an urgent situation. It’s one of those everyone’s-been-there spots. RollScout was created to stamp out those embarrassing moments when guests ask to use the bathroom and you’re all out of TP.

This incredible invention (and I mean incredible) warns you when there’s not enough toilet paper on the roll through a smartphone alert. And if you’re running a business, the RollScout can even be used in multiple restrooms and monitored on a web dashboard to keep toilets “serviced in a timely fashion“.

RollScout™ utilises some of the best, most reliable infrared emitters and sensors to monitor the level of toilet paper on the roll. When this level falls below a set threshold, RollScout™ turns on its warning system, a pulsing ring of amber light bright enough to be noticeable even in daylight conditions.

RollScout's infrared toilet paper system

This is only an illustration. Infrared light is, of course, invisible to the naked eye. (Kickstarter)

RollScout uses a “low duty cycle” algorithm to maximise battery life. This just means the gadget ‘wakes up’ every few minutes to activate its sensors for a fraction of a second. If there’s nothing to report, it goes back to sleep. But if a warning is needed, it stays away and checks every few seconds until the toilet roll is replaced. RollScout claims users will only have to replace batteries every nine to twelve months. Bonus!

RollScout started as a Kickstarter campaign back in July by a husband-and-wife team who are well-versed in economics and computer engineering.

After raising $13,000 on the crowdfunding site, RollScout was able to secure alternate funding to become reality.

Do we really need RollScout on the market? Well, no. We can stay extra vigilant on bathroom necessities and always have a spare roll on hand. But 50 years ago my grandparents would never have imagined seeing a toilet roll holder so technologically advanced. And seriously, how many times have you run out in the past year and wished your smartphone had alerted you when to pick up a four-pack?

RollScout comes in a range of styles, from Pure Black for $US59 to their 14K gold plated holder for $150, although “There is no obligation and no charge at this time. We will simply notify you when RollScout™ is ready to ship!”

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    Johnnie J. O'Dell Jr.

    Friday 5 September 2014

    This is one of the coolest toilet paper holders I’ve seen. I disagree with you. I think this is the perfect gadget for today’s world. Our grandparents would have just stored extra TP under the sink. This is so much more efficient. Especially for the single guy! To get an alert on the phone is great for me. One thing, I would be worried someone would try to use it as a handle and pull it out of the wall.



    Sunday 14 September 2014

    I think this wiukd be very handy. I have roommates that always forget/ refuse to replace the toilet paper when they empty it. I dont notice until it’s too late, and the cabinet where it’s storef is not in easy reach.