Featured Image for Change up the way you communicate with PadBot, the telepresence robot

Change up the way you communicate with PadBot, the telepresence robot

Can’t make it to that important meeting at your company’s other office? Let your PadBot robotic stand-in roll in and establish your presence.

A PadBot consists of a base that houses the wheeled motion system, a slim ‘neck’ that’s about three feet high, and a head or pad that holds one 7 to 10-inch tablet. Its creators describe its shape as a “white goose.” 

The telepresence robot uses and connects with an iPad, iPad mini or Android tablet via Bluetooth. It can move around using its wheels and it can angle its head upward or downward to adjust its field of vision. With the tablet screen as the ‘face’ and eyes, the telepresence robot serves as the user’s stand-in during meetings or when communicating with friends and family in remote locations.

PadBot in the office

PadBot allows “face-to-face” meetings with someone who’s out of the office.

Created by China-based Inbot Tech, the company are marketing the robot not only as a tool for business but as a device for everyday use or something that people can use to check in with family, friends, and loved ones.

In the business setting, the PadBot can supposedly help improve employees’ mobility and maybe even bring down costs associated with business trips. The robot can change up the way people do video conference calls or even site inspections.

Folks away on business can chat with their family and loved ones and never miss important occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. People living away from home can check in with their elderly parents or other relatives.

PadBot at home

Check in with family members at home with the PadBot.

With a its Indiegogo campaign running until August 31st, PadBot has already $US34,000 of a $US30,000 goal. It seems a lot of people are interested in having their own robotic stand-in.

Backers can still avail of the $US359 (with worldwide shipping) Indiegogo special discount to order their own PadBot – the RRP is expected to be $US449 when it launches. The Indiegogo PadBots are expected to ship starting December this year.

The company wants the robot to be accessible by the mass market and it has been able to bring its price down due to the fact that the PadBot takes advantage of the capabilities of existing devices like iPads or Android tablets instead of integrating pricey equipment. 

The PadBot isn’t the only telepresence robot in the market, but is hoping to differentiate itself by being cheaper yet reliable.

Inbot Technology was founded by graduates of robotics and smart software. Even when they were still university students, the team behind PadBot was already active in the robotics community, winning robotics competitions like FIRA China and RobotCup.

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