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Crowdfunding’s week of bests and worsts: Keep your wallet slim, and an app for dole bludgers

Is your wallet too bulky? This week, crowdfunding is offering two ways to make sure it’s always at its slimmest – first by creating a slim wallet, and secondly by keeping you out of work, so you have no money to make that wallet fat anyway.

SmartWallet on Kickstarter

How many times have you misplaced your wallet and thought, “it’s ok, I’ll just call it”, then remembered that your wallet isn’t a phone, and you can’t make a piece of leather ring.

SmartWallet, made by SteetSmart brand using technology from previous Kickstarter success story Bringr, is aiming to make your dreams of phoning a wallet a reality.

Rather than putting an external tracker in your phone to help locate it when it’s not in your pocket, the SmartWallet has a single clip into which all its hardware is built, which keeps the wallet from becoming bulky.

SmartWallet by StreetSmart

We’ll let you be the judge of the ‘trendy’ claim, but it’s certainly thin.

Lose your wallet and you can use the Bluetooth-powered SmartWallet app on your phone to find your wallet up to 50 metres away. Once you’ve left the 50 metre radius at which your phone can find your wallet, GPS tracking will tell you where you last left it – it will even give you a notification once you leave the wallet’s tracking radius, asking whether you’ve forgotten it.

On the flip-side, if you’ve lost your phone, give the wallet’s clip a squeeze and the app activates an alarm on your phone.

There are two kinds of SmartWallet on offer, the second also has a battery pack, so you can charge your phone on the go up to 66 per cent.

The project also has target goals which would see it incorporate a 128 GB flash memory storage, a file manager app to sync files from the wallet to your phone, and remote options.

But with $US7,114 pledged (at time of writing) of a $35,000 goal, these stretch goals – which kick-in at $120,000 – aren’t looking likely to be achieved.

The SmartWallet featuring just the tracker is expected to sell for $US129, but early bird backers on Kickstarter can get one for $75. The wallet with both tracker and battery has an RRP of $199, but super early birds can get one for $99 (add $US20 for shipping outside the States).

As to whether you’re willing to spend well over a hundred bucks on a wallet with features that come relatively cheaply when bought as extras, well you’ve got until 8th September to decide.

And I’d always be a little suspicious of any project which promises one of the founders will get the company logo tattooed on their belly if 500 backers donate $1.

Street Smart logo

The Chanel logo’s ugly cousin? Who’d ever regret that tattoo?

SpamBludger on Pozible

When first reading this project I was a bit miffed – “a web-based system that will generate and email job applications to potential employers”? That’s no way to get a job! You’ve got to write a cover letter telling them how suited you are, tailor your CV to show how your previous experience fits the job, promise to work heart-breaking hours for piddling amounts of money…

But the point of the SpamBludger – as the name suggests – isn’t to get you a job, it’s to help you avoid a job, while staying on benefits.

people on unemployment benefits (Newstart) may soon be required to apply for forty jobs per month. Furthermore, these people will also be expected to “work for the dole” for 25 hours per week. They will therefore obviously require the assistance of an automated system in order to achieve this otherwise impossible demand by the Australian Government.

The system will scan the Yellow Pages directory for job vacancies then, based on key words you have entered, generate and send application emails. All emails will also be cc’d to “the brains behind the forty job application requirement”, Senator Eric Abetz.

Bill Malkin, the man behind SpamBludger, says he will only use the money to create his system if the proposal becomes law. If it does, his aim is to offer SpamBludger for free at all CentreLink offices around Australia.

Malkin – who says he is presently unemployed but has university qualifications in civil, software and systems engineering, and worked in IT for 35 years – is aiming to raise $AU30,000. The funds are set to be spent on Malkin’s living expenses at a rate of $800 per week, which is a nice little wage hike for a man presently earning $550 or so a fortnight on Newstart.

At time of writing a grand total of $20 has been pledged by a single supporter, which is probably to be expected given the target audience for the project is presumably people without a lot of money to spare.

Funding will end on 3 October, so there’s still time to see the SpamBludger motto become reality:

“We have the technology. Let us do your government-mandated spamming for you.”

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