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Could Adelaide’s Peepable become the Google of video search?

You’re looking for a video. You don’t know who made it or who’s in it – all you can remember is a single line of dialogue. If Adelaide startup Peepable gets going, that’s all you’ll need.

Peepable is aiming to be the world’s first video search site which searches the words said in the video, rather than the descriptions of the video. As their website puts it, “Peepable lets you ‘peep’ right into the actual content of the video and search on the spoken word. It’s true video search.”

Having found the video you’re after, you can watch the whole clip or just the ‘peep’ featuring the line of dialogue you remember – a function which will be social-media enabled, so you can just show your friends that one line, rather than telling them “start the video at 6.15 to see what I’m talking about”.

And while YouTube is the most recognisable name when it comes to internet videos, there are hundreds of other video platforms out there, all of which Peepable will scan.

“Imagine if you sat down at your computer today and did a search on Google for text-based content, but all you could search on were the titles and metatags of the pages,” co-founder Nari Jennings told Techworld Australia.

“That’s where we think we’re very much at with video search today. We’re still in the dark ages.”

Peepable is the second venture for Jennings and fellow co-founder Alex French, who created audio and captioning business The Captioning Studio in 2004.

Still three months away from beta testing, Peepable received an enormous boost earlier this month – $500,000 in seed funding from angel investors. How they will make a return on this investment isn’t yet clear, with plans for monetisation being held off until user behaviour has been closely analysed.

That said, they are already appealing to publishers to integrate their video content, saying “Peepable offers publishers an opportunity to use a new content sales model”, and “Peepable search works for both free and premium video content, driving both traffic and content sales”.

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