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Has Durex solved long-distance relationships?

Ever wondered if you would ‘get busy’ with your partner without them being there? ‘Yes, definitely’…? Now you can, and delightfully, they can be involved from afar.

Forget eye-wear or wristbands, wearable technology cannot get closer than this! Durex’s Fundawear is the world’s first wearable technology that allows personal touch to be transferred from a smartphone app to a partner anywhere in the world. It is also the latest in a growing list of sexually driven apps and start ups.

The venture represents the condom company’s first foray into the land of connected devices. Fundawear is vibrating underwear that connect to a smartphone app. You can control the vibrations yourself with a smartphone as a remote, or pair the panties with your partner’s smartphone so they can control the fun.

Fundawear allows physical touch to be transferred wirelessly between couples and recreated on their skin. It sends real touch from one smartphone to another and from there to mini sensors inside the Fundawear garments, so couples can tease, tickle and tantalise – even when they are apart.

The project was designed by Billie Whitehouse, in partnership with Ben Moir and Havas Worldwide, for Durex. Whitehouse designed and hand-made the garments, using high-quality bamboo fabric to conceal the technology seamlessly while still looking elegant.

Fundawear comes in both male and female versions, so you fellas don’t have to be worried about a one-size-fits-all kind of situation.

The Fundawear undies and app companion aren’t available just yet, but the device looks likely to be released in 2014.

What do you think of it?

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    Saturday 19 July 2014

    Please fix the title of this article. It hurts my brain.


      Tristan Rayner

      Saturday 19 July 2014

      Ha. Odd one. Fixed.