Featured Image for An obituary for Irrational Games, and their legacy of BioShock

An obituary for Irrational Games, and their legacy of BioShock

I’m 29 years old and I’ve become a snotty elitist when it comes to video games. I know my ridiculous standards don’t equate to what’s even possible to fit into most titles – but I’ve played a lot of games across a dozen or so consoles, Apples and PCs and as such you refine what you like and know what you want.

BioShock ticked all the boxes for me.

The original BioShock dropped in 2007 and it deserves its place in video game history for original storytelling, unique locales and great gameplay mechanics.

Subsequent games in the series were no less amazing. BioShock 2 and Infinite are both stunning.

But the first entry set the bar supremely high – showing people that video games have the ability to create an engrossing cinematic experience akin to any Hollywood blockbuster.

And yet, sadly, the co-founder of developer Irrational Games, Ken Levine, announced they’d be shutting down today after 17 years of making quality titles.

Why? They’re working on creating something new. Smaller, and more in touch with gamers, it seems.

Layoffs have already been flagged as a small contingent of employees jump to fellow gaming house Take-Two.

The final DLC for BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea comes out March 25.

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    Wednesday 19 February 2014

    oh really, that means 1 less gaming company in Canberra.